Food for Thought!

Vacationers love good food, exploring local markets in far-flung locales is an adventure that’s part of the chartering experience on Cape Breton Island.  Let sailing CBI Inc. help you source the freshest of products from local farmers, producers and artisans.  Dine at farm to fork restaurants with artisan style cuisine, enjoy a meal prepared from a local private Chef or let us prepare a meal with the best of Atlantic Canadian delicacies made with in season ingredients!

Full Provisioning is tailored to travelers who wish to dine onboard for all meals for the full charter. We provide everything you need for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinners for each day of your charter. Full provisioning allows for all meals to be prepared onboard, by your crew, and enjoy dining in the privacy of your yacht each night. We use naturel and locally sourced foods and items as much as possible.  There is a surcharge of $25.00 for full provisioning plus the cost of groceries.

Self Provisioning  If you’ve decided to stock your chartered yacht yourself, use these guidelines to turn it from chore to pleasure.  These tips for self-­provisioning will make it both cost-­effective and fun.

Before Your Charter

As part of your pre-trip planning, the designated cook should do some food research.  We will inform you of local farmers markets, grocery stores, in season food, etc.

If you’re sailing with people whose food preferences you don’t know, ask your crewmates some basic questions.  Does anyone have food allergies?  Any vegetarians?  Etc.

Once you know the foods that are readily available in your charter area and the preferences of your crew, create a daily menu plan for breakfast, lunch, and the number of dinners you plan to eat on board.

Complimentary Charter Starter Kit:  The Cape Bretoner 1 comes with paper towel, toilet paper, salt & pepper, cleaning products, aluminum foil, shampoo, linens, silverwear, dishes, cups, mugs, binoculars, deck of playing cards, coffee & filters, well water, 1 flat of bottled water.
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